About Us

We started off in 2011 as a small team to build amazing products and solutions for companies spread across the globe. Over time we've built hundreds of web, mobile and enterprise applications in various verticals including but not limited to supply chain, e-commerce, order management, analytics and digital marketing. We use Grails, Java and Android technologies. We are among the first in the industry to adopt Grails as primary development technology- started with Grails 1.x and now on Grails 3.x.

What we offer

Enterprise, web and mobile applications development using Agile

We have developed, modified, upgraded, maintained enterprise web and mobile applications for businesses of all sizes across 4 continents.
We use Grails, Java EE and Android technologies.We follow agile methodology- we use Atlassian's tool including JIRA, BitBucket, Confluence, Trello.

Why Grails?

Grails is a very powerful, productive web framework based on Groovy language and made for Java platform. It is an open source framework, innumerable sites have successfully been launched using the framework. It follows the “Coding by Convention” paradigm, it provides powerful features like Domain Specific Languages, integrated ORM, runtime and compile-time meta-programming and asynchronous programming. It also comes with integrated development environment- all these add to developer's productivity.

Mobile Apps

Android absolutely dominated the number of smartphones shipped worldwide, with more than 75% of the market share. The estimated total number of Android devices in the hands of consumers lies north of 1.6 billion. With Grails REST as backbone for mobile apps and Android as native app technology we build awesome mobile apps. And, we build ‘em like nobody else does.


We follow Agile and image on the left sums up best as to how we use it. Agile-Scrum provides a simple methodology that can be readily adopted to speed up the development process, making it more flexible and iterative, as well as ensuring user-feedback and a measurable output during the process. By working in the sprint format, speed and fixed-time are emphasised, the tasks may vary, but not the length – a sprint cannot last longer than what was agreed by the team. Advantages of Agile are: more adaptive (faster response to changing product requirements), better team communication, higher team morale, and most important, faster to market.